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6 thoughts on “Mail Me

  1. Hi there. Just found your blog by accident. I was looking for hi-res pics of omegas and found you. Where do you order your replicas and how much do you pay? They look great. Am in the UK and it is impossible to get A grade replicas.

    Thanks, Chris

  2. Hi Rayner,
    I was looking for the scientific name of Bambangan and found your blog.

    You were encouraging us to plant the bambangan seed. Well I have been trying but most of the seed would not grow. A farmer told me to approach the agriculture department for advice, because he says that insects and borers prevent the seeds from germinating.
    However, I hope reading from your blogs that you may know some secrets or guideline on planting the seeds, say maybe with added chemicals to ward of the pest.

    cheers, hopefully you are still maintaining your blog.

  3. Datuk memang sebok baru baru ni, tiadak msg baru on planting Ya.
    Macam di semenanjung semua bercerita fig tree sja. Ada ke Datuk tanam?

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