Got me the new iPhone 4

I got my iPhone 4 last week. Yeah!

I have to say this is one of the most solidly-engineered consumer gadget I have held. The fit and finish of the outside glass-steel enclosure is first-rate although I would suspect many ladies would not take a liking to the cold industrial feel of military glass and metal. I had a chance to play around with a friend’s Samsung Galaxy S and it felt plasticky and insubstantial in comparision. For me, I enjoy the feel and heft of the smartphone so much so I elect not to use a cover.

The iOS software and apps are the same as my iPhone 3Gs except for FaceTime. Hardware-wise, Apple have upgraded the camera, added a front-facing second, and really increased the display resolution, and I have to say this: the Retina Screen is absolutely fantastic in terms of resolution; I can’t wait for the next model of the iPad which will surely have this Retina Display. You can actually read an entire eBook comfortably on an iPhone 4.

Above I have posted a comparision between the pictures taken by an iPhone 3GS and an iPhone 4. Click on the pictures to see the unedited pictures.

Note: The resolution for an iPhone 4 pic is 2592 x 1930 pixels while the 3GS produces 2048 x 1536. The AWB and the focusing system seems to also have been improved. I took the picture of Megalong Donggongon with the 3GS last week when it caught the last rays of the setting sun. Donggongon used to be a rustic one-pony town with 2 blocks of firetrap wooden shop houses not so long ago. Now, it has a half-kilometer megamall. I was in Foh Sang yesterday and I took a quick pic to show the comparision. Just a quick comment about our towns’ commercial buildings: when the developers finished building, everything looks nice and neat. Pretty soon, every lot owner put up their own versions of billboards and signs in a slap-dash manner, and soon we have visual rojak. The local authorities should enforce their by-laws and force businesses to have some sort of visual consistency.


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