How to dance the Sumazau

I made a video (for youTube) titled “How to dance the Sumazau”. Enjoy 🙂


Let’s talk about margins

By Craig Mod:

Text printed on the best paper with no margins or unbalanced margins is vile. Or, if we’re being empathetic, sad. (For no book begins life aspiring to bad margins.) I know that sounds harsh. But a book with poorly set margins is as useful as a hammer with a one inch handle. Sure, you can pound nails, but it ain’t fun. A book with crass margins will never make a reader comfortable. Such a book feels cramped, claustrophobic. It doesn’t draw you in, certainly doesn’t make you want to spend time with the text.

That is what i hate about iBooks and Kindle as an ebook reader on iOS – can’t set the margins to your liking; I prefer Bluefire or Marvin. On Android, I like Moon Reader Pro, Aldiko and Mantano. Blio is good on margins on an iPad Air except that you can’t set the line spacing.

American Idol’s Top Ten


Well, American Idol’s top ten is settled. The 10 boys are all easily forgettable: there will be no white guy with a guitar winning Idol this season. I like Amber Holcomb. She is going to win. Even if she will not, I will still buy her album.